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Fleur-De-Lis Room

Nestled on the second floor of our charming bed and breakfast, the Fleur-de-lis bedchamber awaits to envelop you in its serene embrace. Decorated in soothing shades of gold and sage green, this room is a haven of tranquility and timeless style.

As you enter, the Victorian-style queen bed beckons with its soft linens and warm patchwork quilt, promising a night of peaceful slumber. The classically styled faux fireplace casts a gentle glow, creating a romantic ambiance that whispers of bygone eras.

Plum Garden Room

Embrace the elegance of yesteryear in our exquisite Plum Garden Room, where history and comfort blend seamlessly. Wake up to the serene views of our lush perennial gardens, a tapestry of color and life right outside your window.

The room’s centerpiece, a hand-carved high-profile Eastlake Victorian queen bedroom set, is a testament to the fine craftsmanship of the past. As evening falls, the antique lighting casts a romantic glow, transporting you to a time of quiet sophistication.

Your private sanctuary extends to the spacious bathroom, where marble accents and heated tile floors await to soothe your senses. Wrap yourself in warmth with our towel warmer, a luxurious touch to start or end your day. Book your escape now and indulge in the romance of history.

Rose Garden Suite

Step into a world where romance blooms with every detail in our exquisite Rose Garden Suite. Adorned with elegant Victorian antiques and draped in the rich hues of burgundy and gold, this spacious suite is a testament to love’s timeless allure.

The bedchamber invites you to surrender to comfort on a grand scale. The jetted soaker tub in the private ensuite bathroom promises a soothing retreat, while the separate shower adds a touch of modern convenience to your pampering experience.

Whether you’re toasting to another year together, marking the beginning of a shared journey, or simply seeking a luxurious getaway, this is your perfect choice. The Rose Garden Suite is more than just a room - it's an experience, a memory, a moment in time to be cherished!

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